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Trade Show Exhibits Design Outsourcing

e to Design Back Office, the one-stop design solutions provider where you can find the complete range of world-class design products at the most attractive prices in the industry.

With a million things to organize and arrange for in a trade show, Design Back Office would be glad to take design innovative exhibits to ensure successful recognition of the relevant companies.

So start outsourcing with Design Back Office today and receive impeccable designs that are sure to revamp your corporate communications.



Design Back Office does wonders with all our design fulfillments towards our clientele. It only keeps getting better each time. - Dreams Unlimited
Case Study : Read Client Success Story

Find out how a visually alluring Billboard helped Grovers Gaming zone witness a record breaking sales!


Grovers Gaming zone never seemed to have pulled the kind of crowd any hit game can manage to regardless of the season in which its been introduced simply because Grovers Gaming zone admits that they have been over confident when it came to their gaming rooms surround sound system, technological quality and comfort as apparently other gaming zones in the city could not have boasted that. Therefore the reason behind Grovers ability to gather as much crowd remained unknown to them until the one of their salesmen suggested to do something about the gaming zone promotion.

The owner/chairman took heed to his suggestion and ensured to apply his resources to conduct a research in this regard and came to the conclusion that gaming zones today usually advertise through appealing billboards. They were extremely happy to have discovered DBO the complete one stop design solution online and were content to know that in the shortest of time the most ideal billboard design will be sent their way.

The day they had put up the DBO designed billboard at one of the most popular avenues in town, that was simply it as their sales miraculously swelled ever since and there has been no looking back.

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Client Suite:
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