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e to Design Back Office, the one-stop design solutions provider where you can find the complete range of world-class design products at the most attractive prices in the industry.

Design Back Office creates highly effective landing pages that are sure to attract more customers and increase retention rates and customer traffic for the host websites, generating more return for investments in marketing.

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Designing a web portal calls for another level of die-hard expertise altogether. Design Back Office took over and designed a highly interactive and multi-faceted portal depicting all the information we intended to without getting the site too busy and never-ending. We cannot thank Design Back Office enough. - Light-up Fixtures
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Learn how Catwalk Modeling Agency gained sheer prominence in the media ever since they consulted Design Back Office to design their official Website!


Catwalk Modeling Agency has been one of its kinds ever since it inaugurated six years back. It seconded no other name in the business until the last few months when they found out their popularity graph is going down gradually. They had to think about some new strategy or some new promotional campaign. While touring worldwide to observe the best practices and trends of worlds leading modeling agencies, they came to a simple yet widely tried & tested conclusion that a new and attractive business website is necessary for their modeling agency. A professional web presence was needed to attract and retain online visitors plus to display the services modeling agency had to offer its clients.

Without wasting any time, the modeling agency turned up to web to find out one of the best design services in market. The most natural choice was Design Back Office. After understanding the requirements of the Modeling Agency, in-depth analysis of their competitors and latest business trends, Design Back Office assigned a design team to work on their website. The website was created using the latest industry standards and techniques and it turned out to be an excellent integration of artwork and content. The website depicted the energy and the spirit which was the philosophy of the Modeling Agency and it was made exceptionally inviting using vibrant colors and fresh design. The experts at Design Back Office made targeted recommendations for the modeling agency to boost sales and increase website traffic. Design Back Office implemented its recommendations by creating several web page design templates featuring intuitive navigation and compelling graphics. All this was done at a very affordable price plan which was already discussed with the agency.

A sleek, professional and easy-to-use new website launch turned out to be a great success for the Modeling Agency. Cutting-edge design and enhanced usability were the plus points of the website. The Modeling Agency has not only won back their previous prestige in the media but also marked their presence in the modeling and fashion industry sector. The website has become a central tool in its public relations and communications strategy, thus improving perception of the modeling agency among its clients and competitors. After the new site was launched, not only did the Modeling Agency see a significant increase in traffic to the site, but the conversion rate also increased dramatically, leading to a substantial amount of incremental revenue being generated through the new website. The attractive website solution now reinforces the strong brand identity for the Modeling Agency.

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