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e to Design Back Office, the one-stop design solutions provider where you can find the complete range of world-class design products at the most attractive prices in the industry.

Design Back Office combines prompt and timely personal service and innovative and eye-catching bag designs with affordability ensuring that they stand out on the shelves.

So start outsourcing with Design Back Office today and receive impeccable designs that are sure to revamp your corporate communications.



Schools were re-opening anytime soon and we have not yet decided on the design samples of our companys bags to be distributed at various retail outlets. Through rave reviews on the internet we discovered Design Back Office and ordered our bag designs incorporating all our TV program characters and the kind of sales we enjoyed this year has simply created records. Hats off to Design Back Offices complete design services under one roof. - Abraham Manufacturers
Case Study : Read Client Success Story
Learn how Blue Fish Can Foods reaped ground breaking revenues once they changed their package designing!

Blue Fish Can Foods is a prestigious name when it comes to ready-to-eat meals and enjoys a loyal clientele for years but has recently realized on the basis of its financial reports that there has been simply no substantial increase in the number of neither of its retailers nor consumers.

The management then carried out a survey and came to the conclusion that the one promotional step they can take is totally change their packaging design in order to gain instant attention on the market shelves and possibly enjoy their chance of alluring the consumers.

There was simply no looking back ever since they ordered and received the most exceptional package design they could have possibly imagined from the master of complete design solutions DBO also in-keeping with Blue Fishs market reputation in the market that helped them gain innumerable new consumers and in turn reap great revenues.

See how DMLiveProTM Makes Outsourcing Simple, Quick and Managed
DMLivePro™ is a professional design management agency software used by world's top class agencies to manage their big clienteles.

Agency Suite:
  • You can easily manage multiple clients and their project requirements anytime from anywhere around the world
  • Have 24x7 real time live revision, order tracking, fund management and reports accessibility
  • Get hassle free searchable archives of all current and past order records
  • You can easily integrate DMLivePro™ with your existing infrastructure
  • Manage your digital assets through DMLivePro™ module

Client Suite:
  • Clients can smoothly manage their complete design related services including their   reports, feedbacks, post revisions, processes, Digital Asset Management and a lot more
  • Clients can access DMLivePro™, any time from any where round the world and hence have the complete ease to provide and manage their design order requirements accordingly
  • Provide automated design ordering and management to your customers with your branding
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